This week's project involved reviving the original hardwood floor of our upstairs apartment. We didn't want to lose the aged wood patina, so my good friend Pat (who happens to be a professional sander), lightly sanded the floor, and then applied a coat of Synteko Classic 35 (matte finish). Watch the video.

Need your floors sanded? Contact Patrick Goyette 1(514)962-2303 Montreal/Rive Sud

Spring & Summer 2015

Spring & Summer 2015 projects included tearing down the old shed, moving the beehive that was under it, building a new fence, and main floor patio deck. 

Old deck, fence, & shed

wood is good!


Our brick job began on Sunday morning. We had expected to have to replace the facade with new brick. Once our friends at Diamant Construction began dismantling the wall, we realized that many original bricks could be saved. So..... I began salvaging as many as possible!

Day 2 involved dismantling the side wall. We were hopeful that behind the stucco, would be a trove of salvageable original brick. We weren't disappointed! By the end of the day, not only did Diamant take down the wall, but we were able to salvage 1000+ bricks! We now have more than enough for our Curran Patch facade!


We took the last 2 weeks to spruce up our upstairs apartment. New electrical, paint, and an after renovation "deep" clean. Classic Montreal 9ft high ceilings!

Living Room dimensions: 9X12 ft.  Office/Guest Room dimensions: 8X9 ft. Bedroom dimensions: 7.5X12 ft. Private Patio deck: 10X15 ft.

Patio entrance

Open concept kitchen

Living Room






Private Patio

Private Patio

Private Patio overlooking Jacques Cartier Bridge


We decided to give the upstairs staircase a facelift! New drywall, insulation, and electrical. We exposed the left wall to showcase the wood beams which were hidden behind the drywall, and lathe. The lumber was sanded with 100 grit, followed by 320 for butter finish!


We decided to build a custom barn door with the ground floor wood that we salvaged. I scored the industrial rails system from the Canadian Rubber Co. building (now Cite 2000) here in Montreal. Actually the building is across the street. Cedric showed up with his grinder, and an hour later it was disassembled. Next step was sanding the steel, then painting it, and cutting the rail to size.

Due to the heavy weight of the rail system, Sylvain had to reopen the bathroom wall to make sure the original hardware hit the studs! Following the advice of an architect friend of ours, we put wheels under the door. Glides easy, and it transfers the weight of the door - from rail to wheels.

We love it!


Cedric grinding