DAY 19

Big Tueday began with the arrival of our 16 ft. support beam. It was cut to 13 ft. to fit the span of our ground floor. Our good friend and general contractor - Pierrot Bisson orchestrated the day's activites. After the beam was placed, we opened up the kitchen, and built a secondary support beam for the kitchen.

Big thanks to Gerald - another friend of ours, who showed up to help us hoist the beam in place.

"Yes I get by with a little help from my friends" - The Beatles



support beam

support beam

support beam  

opening up the kitchen

kitchen support beam  

DAY 18

Sylvain hard at work. Mixing concrete and making a footing in the basement...... Getting ready for Tuesday's support beam...... 


DAY 17

Today's work involved getting our new home ready for next Tuesday. What's happening on Tuesday you may ask? On Tuesday, we install our main support beam on the ground and basement floor. Once installed, we can get to work, and actually start building........


Off to the recycle centre! 

Ready for the support beam, which we will install where the current existing beams are. 

Basement......we will rip up the floors next week. 

Hydro Quebec boxes exposed

Basement view of first room on ground floor

DAY 16

It was a hot one today! My good friend Jose "El Fuerte" Salinas helped me rip up the floor in the first room. We then finished taking down the basement drywall to expose the foundation wall. We hope to keep it exposed. 


Jose "El Fuerte" Salinas

Ripping out floors

First room without floor

Basement chaos!

Exposing rock foundation wall. 

DAY 15

The team went to work on the kitchen floor today. We were pleasantly surprised to find the original hardwood floors underneath the current laminate flooring. We also found a trap door. It was a good day! 



Removing the laminate flooring - exposing original wood floors! 

Moments after discovering the trap door! 

From the "wine cellar" looking up at kitchen - trap door removed. 

removing every exposed nail

1938 newspaper insulation found underneath flooring - Whisky Advert

Wide angle current kitchen

DAY 14

Round deux! Off to the recycle centre with 4 trailer loads of debris, wood, and what not.  Jean-Claude Jr. earned his keep, and became quite fond of our sledge hammer! Bathtub is now out, as we get ready for Walter our plumber. Big thanks to J.D. for once again helping out!


loading the trailer

loading the trailer

Jean-Claude Jr. earning his keep! 

Jean-Claude Jr. 

Taking down the fence

Bathtub anyone? 

DAY 12 & 13

exposed staircase

exposed staircase

exposed basement ceiling beams

exposed basement ceiling beams

Basement wall. 

Basement wall. Foundation on other side. Time to expose the rock wall! 

no more bathroom walls!

Ripped up second room floor to find original wood floor underneath. Unfortunately, it doesn't run the length of both rooms....

J.D. taking down walls!

J.D. taking down walls!

DAY 11

We're now in the "basement" phase of our project. Same idea as ground floor, take down wall, and open up the room. Cedric helped us set-up temporary electricity, so that we can remove all existing wire.




Exposing basement wood beams

Cedric setting-up temporary electricity


Today was fast and furious........It all began at 7:30 a.m. renting a U-Haul trailer to shuttle off the 40+ garbage bags, wood, insulation, drywall, etc.

Sylvain and I managed to do 5 trips to the Eco Centre in 5.5 hours. We then enjoyed Portugese chicken from Piri Piri!

The great thing about the Montreal Eco Centres (recycling) is that city residents are entitled to 15 free visits each year. The alternative is renting a container. Renting a container runs anywhere from $650-800, where as renting a trailer will run you $25 for the day.........

Cleaning up the mess in the backyard!

At the Eco Centre

Waiting to unload at Eco Centre


Gutted entrance & first room

Gutted second room

Gutted hallway & second room

Finishing the kitchen


Today consisted in dismantling the kitchen, and cleaning up the first room.
 The house has a very rustic, Canadiana look right now. Exposed wood structure, with amazing wood beams running the length of room 1 &2! 

I ended up with 15 sawdust/debris filled garbage bags from room 1!

Taking down the kitchen

First room done.....Now to clean up!


Finishing up first room. Removing original wood slats in the ceiling, which held the sawdust/insulation in place.

Raining sawdust!


Today we took down the drywall and the lowered ceiling (wood structure) in the first room. We also finished gutting the hallway, and opened up the staircase wall going downstairs.

Taking down drywall in first room

Opened staircase wall

Drywall and lowerd ceiling down in first room


Sylvain and I dismantled the lowered ceiling in the hallway, took down a wall, had a good laugh at Mr. Vezina's creativity in the bathroom, and then cleaned up.

It's amazing how sawdust was used back in the day as insulation. Needless to say, it's been raining sawdust for the past week!

The day began looking like this

Hallway wall

Sylvain at work taking down the soundproofing insulation

Before taking down the beams in the second room

Beams gone

This is how the day ended!


By the time I rolled up to the house with Piri Pri chicken, Mom and Sylvain had already taken down the remaining layer of insulation/ wood beams in the second room. They also managed to expose the side wall (removing both drywall and insulation).

Sylvain taking down plaster & insulation

Take a break already!


Monsieur Vezina lived on the ground floor for over 30 years. In the first room, he lowered the ceiling to 8ft and insulated it. In the second room, he dropped the ceiling, insulated it not once, but twice! That's a lot of insulation!

Today I dismantled the first layer of ceiling in room 2, while Fu Zhe and Wen Na dismantled the kitchen cupboards. Mom and Sylvain knocked down more hallway drywall.

Xie Xie nimen!

First layer of insulation down.....But wait, there's more to come!

Removing 1st round of insulation.

Cupboards down!

Fu Zhe

Wen Na


Today's work included taking down more drywall, and ceiling, but more importantly, cleaning up the aftermath of yesterday's work! We ended up filling 32 industrial strength garbage bags!

Second room

What was the hallway

32 bags filled!


Today was all about knocking down walls and a removing the lowered ceiling that the last tenant had "designed" to soundproof and insulate the ground floor. I'm quite happy with what we accomplished today!

Taking the ceiling down

That's a lot of insulation!

Then down came the walls!

Slege power!

Sylvain making things easier for the rest of us!

Kitchen being dismantled

Drywall came down easy.

End of the day......