We've chosen a retro seafoam/teal coloured shower tile. I love the 1960's era, and this colour definitely fits right in! We found the tile at Ciot Habitat (

We're leaning towards white hexagon tiles for the flooor......... 



I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! We worked hard this week. Insulating, drywalling, getting the dining room pendant lighting right, and making a vent in the bathroom. Next .......Tiling the shower and bathroom floor. Seafoam green! Love it!




Out with the old, and in with the new........ 

Today we removed the dining room and kitchen windows. We replaced the dining room window with a longer one. We then dismantled the kitchen door and brick frame, and installed a 6 ft. sliding patio door. 

We also cleaned up the backyard, which was, once again littered with wood and debris (3 trips to the eco centre).


Liana hard at work at the eco centre


We knew before buying this property, that there was water infiltration in the kitchen. So a new roof was necessary.

We hired Francis Chevalier roofing to do the job. We were not dissapointed! The team arrived at 7 a.m. and were done by noon. A1 job, customer service, and a great price. 

Constructions Francis Chevalier Inc.  



7 a.m. 


DAY 25

Saturday came and went......We began our day at Reno Depot -taking advantage of their hardwood floor special. We ended up buying Canadian birch.   

We then took down our second floor deck/patio to get ready for the new roof coming our way on Wednesday.  

And wouldn't you know it, even Mr. Vezina showed up to take a peek.......


Reno Depot

Taking down the second floor patio


Good Ol' Mr. Vezina

DAY 24

We were quite happy to find solid, wood slats behind the drywall in our kitchen. We're keeping  them exposed. Sanding began today......




DAY 23

Our ground floor is done! Well......the 2 sheets of plywood that is. One sheet would have done the trick, but the second helps strengthen the structure. Once done the floors we started framing the entrance wall and bathroom.

laying second plywood deck

plywood done! 

entrance wall frame

DAY 22

I actually had to "work" today, but Sylvain was at the house reinforcing the 4 wood beams (step 2 - building frame, rebar, pour concrete).  Next and final step will be to bolt 3 pieces together.


making a frame - before pouring concrete

pouring concrete

DAY 21

Today we continued laying the floor up to the kitchen. We then reinforced 4 beams (see pictures), by first fastening two 2X8 pieces of wood on each beam (all wood is resting upon solid rock foundation). Step 2 pour concrete. Step 3 - bolting everything together.

Sylvain took some time to cut all the old wires. It was insane, how many wires, and junction boxes we found hidden in the walls and beams. Remember the snake pit in Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost Ark? Pretty much same scenario!

Sylvain took one for the team 2 days ago......Check out his thumb (picture has a PG-13 rating) 



laying floor

new floor

reinforced beam

reinforced beam

old wire

perfect example of hidden junction boxes

Sylvain takes one for the team...... 

DAY 20

Today we ripped up the remaining dining and kitchen floor. We then cleaned the beams - removing both nails and dust. Once that was done, we began building our floor.

It was a scorcher - 38 deg. celsius! 


last section of floor to remove

no more floor

cleaning the beams


new floor

new floor